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mermaid's ink

thanks for saying it aloud...

dancing with the waves


thanks for saying it aloud...

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for months now, those were the words that haunt me
i kept them inside all this time
i don't want them to come from me
yes maybe, we are not who we used to be
like everyone else, we changed...
i'd like to think of us as growing individuals
yet, do we have to grow apart?

i'm sorry...i don't want to sound so possessive
it's just that...the distance is killing me

i am afraid to say it
but yes...
i guess the distance has killed US already

so now, i am sorry for the times i wasn't able to walk beside you
sorry for all the unspoken words...
sorry for all the gestures that made you feel cold...

sorry if I weaved a dream into your head
that our once upon a time
will end with happily ever after
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